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Designated a wild and scenic river, the Deschutes offers one of the most enjoyable boat rides in the Northwest and is regarded as one of the best rainbow trout and summer steelhead fisheries in the nation.

Flowing from Pelton Dam in Central Oregon, the river carves it’s way through a spectacular high desert basalt canyon for nearly 100 miles before emptying into the Columbia River. The Deschutes is a big powerful river with an average flow of 4500+ C.F.S., an average drop of 13 feet per mile, and some legendary class three white water rapids.

Every year thousands of wild chinook salmon and steelhead return to spawn in the river and it’s tributaries. Fishing from a floating device is prohibited on the Deschutes so the boat is strictly used for transportation. Most local fisherman agree that this rule does a great deal in preserving the quality of the fishery.

During a drift boat ride it is common to see Eagles, Herons, Osprey, Big Horn Sheep, Mule Deer, and River Otters, we have even spotted the occasional Black Bear, Bob Cat, and Mountain Lions while floating the river.